by Braden Nicholson 1/3/2019


a. Integrated technology should be used only as a secondary interface.
- A car with a touch screen should let you drive without having to use the touch screen.
- A smart home should let you control lights with a normal light switch.
b. Integrated devices' hardware should not be restricted by its software.
- If you buy a toaster with a touchscreen and app, you should be able to use all of the toasters features to their fullest degree with the primary interface.
- At no point after purchase should a company be permitted to disable a devices operation of primary interfaces.
- Self driving cars cannot disable user intervention.
c. Any integrated, mission critical software should be air gapped and separated from secondary interfaces.
- The life support systems of a space ship should not run on the same computer as the radio.
- Self driving cars' controllers cannot have access to external control.
d. Internet of things devices should have opensource software.
- WIFI connected microwaves must provide access to view the code involving data collected and transmitted.


a. Mobile devices should be used as an accessory to living, not a source.
- Replacing a social interaction in life with a social interaction on a device is not permitted.
- NO activity should be restricted to an interaction with a mobile device.
b. Voluntary interaction
- A user cannot be prompted by the device to use it.
- An app may not notify the user that they should use the app.
- Only direct interactions with intended notification from other users may trigger a notification on a mobile device.
c. Data may only be sent regarding the devices & its environment with the user's continuous knowledge of the interactions.
- Simple terms of service agreements cannot blanket cover multiple agreements.
- Telemetry should be limited to primary interaction, not background. Other active users may prompt another users device for telemetry information with both side in agreement.
- Any and all telemetry may be disabled permanently with a single, easily accessible button.